Life Saving Kitchen Organization Hacks

Life Saving Kitchen Organization Hacks

Does organizing your kitchen take forever? Maybe that is because of the mess you have created already that restricts you from stepping into a task that will require significant effort. It’s time you consider organizing your kitchen in a way that it doesn’t feel like a task so that you don’t run away from the responsibility. It may seem like a struggle initially and you may think that it is going to be a mess again no matter how much I try to clean it up but trust me, that is not going to happen if you follow these little tricks that I swear by. These have made my life so easy in the kitchen and I hope they will work similarly for you too.

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Line Your Shelves and Drawers

Always line cabinet shelves and drawers with fabric or paper. You can even use a newspaper, no need to invest in any fancy shelf liner. The idea is to line the drawers so that you can clean them easily without having to struggle with the dust particles collecting in the corner of the shelf or drawer. Lining drawers with paper makes it really easy to keep the drawers clean and free from stains.

Use Organizers in Cabinets

Even if nobody is going to see the mess inside your cabinets and drawers, it is suggested to keep it clean and decluttered. Use organizers so that it is easier for you to find the item whenever you need it and remember what is kept in which cabinet.  Organizers are life savers and there are organizers for drawers and cabinets that actually make it look pretty decent. After all, you will have to open the cabinets someday and the mess isn’t going to look good.

Organize Plastic Bags

We all have plastic bags lying in a cabinet or a drawer. Some of us have this habit of keeping all plastic bags in one large plastic bag to keep it together and not create a mess of plastic bags. But instead of dedicating one whole cabinet or drawer to just plastic bags, invest in a decent plastic bag holder. This way you will not only get an extra drawer for your other items but a beautiful plastic bag organizer in one side of the kitchen which will certainly make your life easier. No need to dive into the plastic bag clutter anymore. Just pull one out and you are good to go. 

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Declutter Your Fridge

It is high time you realize that your fridge isn’t a place where you will keep anything and everything. Avoid keeping vegetables in plastic bags directly in the fridge, all your sauces won’t be stored in the fridge itself, some can be kept outside too. Your makeup and skincare in the fridge is creating another mess that you could have avoided but decided not to.

Organizing the kitchen should start from organizing the fridge. Throw out the mayonnaise that has expired, you aren’t going to use it. Any rotten vegetable or fruit, expired bottles should be kept in trash and not in the fridge.

Use organizers in the fridge too and stop keeping anything anywhere. Categorize every shelf for items of similar category. Milk and dairy products can be kept on the first shelf, second shelf can have dough and batter, and vegetables and fruits should be in the basket. Keep all the bottles and packs in the door if it has space and the frozen food should be in the freezer.

Hide as Much as You Can

It has become a trend to display everything you own and use it as a decor but nothing can beat a clean, minimalist kitchen. Avoid keeping organizers and utensils on the counter as much as you can. If you have no place left to keep them, you can keep it on a shelf that is least visible or at least not right in the centre. This does not mean you cannot display the beautiful mugs and jugs that you bought specifically for displaying. Display all the beautiful jars filled with edibles on the countertop if you wish to but just don’t create a mess, keep everything as minimalist as you can.

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