Improve The Look of Your Home Without Costing Yourself a Fortune

Your home is your life. It’s like a book carrying a series of special moments. Upgrading it now and then will ensure that you keep on adding more events to the list. Sometimes you can do it by yourself and sometimes you need some help. Flaunting your home on Instagram or Facebook can be a treat to watch. But, home improvements can cost you a fortune. But, who said you always have to pay hundreds of dollars to revive your home. Here are some of the best ways to upgrade right in your budget, i.e. $150.

Take Advantage of The Wall in Your Kitchen

Having ample storage in your kitchen is a must. It does not matter whether you have a small or a big kitchen. You can use decorative brackets or use the corner space with shelves. They will help you with keeping dishes or spices within your reach. If you love to entertain yourself while working, a wine rack would be a good idea next to your cabinets.

Revamp Your Bookcase

If you are a book lover, having a bookcase is a must. But, if you don’t like the monotonous look of your shelf, restyling will be something that might help. You can use those colored dust jackets and assemble them in a way that it will change the look. Match them to look good with your sofa. You can even pain the back wall of the bookcase and glamorize it a bit. Who does not like hues and shades?

Beautify Your Entrance

You can use mill-work to add character to your rooms, primarily your entrance. Pick the elements from your home and use them to your home a grand entrance. Framing your entrance and painting it according to your exterior will give it a classy look. If you own any of the dogs breeds for protection, then going for Endura Flap pet doors will help. This will give your dog a sense of freedom and independence.

Give Your Floors a Shiny Look

No material can add versatility or the warmth like wood does to your floors. But, over time it starts looking dull. You can restore your floor’s shine without replacing it with any other material. Use a polishing agent designed specifically for hardwood floors. You should go with this process once a year or every six months depending on the traffic in your area.

Add a Protection Layer to Your Walls

Are you thinking a traditional tile backsplash is out of your budget?

Then using a piece made from a single sheet of surface material will help you big time. You can use a material such as a breadboard backsplash that uses a variety of colors and patterns. It will protect your walls from those occasional splashes and splatters. It will cost you around $25 per square feet of the material.

Re-coat Your Rooms With Paint

It is one of the most preferred DIY home improvement ideas. Because all you have to do is learn from the pro and start by yourself. You can learn any trick right from the first scratch to the final touch up. Choose the right colors and your work will be half done. That’s the power of painting. It will refurbish your rooms entirely without costing you much.

Give a Shady Touch to Your Windows

Who likes sunlight coming into the house at all times? And those prying eyes that could look into your living room? To avoid that you can use swinging wood shutters and add architectural detail to your windows. They will help you avoid both heat and chilly waves. Besides, they are easy to install as well. And you don’t need a fortune to install such frames.

Give Your Home a Rusty Look With a Vintage Lantern

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Hanging lanterns were a thing of the past. Often crafted by blacksmiths in the first half of the 20th century. They can give your entrance a perfect vintage look. All some plants to make it all the more better. You can either buy one or find a piece at a yard sale. Who knows you might have one stashed in your attic. It is easy to install and an affordable option to amplify your home improvement efforts.


Home improvement can be extremely expensive. But, like the ones we mentioned above, you can find some things that fit in your budget. Enjoy your home by making it more comforting and inviting with these renovation ideas that cost little but yield amazing results.

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