Give a New Life to Your Old Sofa With These Ideas

A sofa is an essential element of every home. It brings comfort and style to your living room. And undoubtedly, it is the focal point of almost every house. Your family spends most of the quality time on this giant piece of furniture every day. So, it’s quite natural that it becomes saggy and old in a couple of years. The fabric becomes worn and stained, frames start to break down, and it doesn’t give you the comfort of seating like earlier. Every time you sit on it, you hear the cracking noises and so on. Take all the signs as a wake-up call to upgrade your sofa. 

Now, the issue is buying a great comforting sofa can be very pricey. But, what about renewing your old piece? Yes, it can be done in a few steps. You just need the will to give your old sofa a new life. Here are ways to revitalize your gray sofa into a brand new piece.

Start With Cleaning

To convert an old sofa into a new one, begin with cleaning. Deep cleaning your old sofa will give the whole restoration process a push. Start with vacuuming the large particles. With a vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of crumbs, dirt, and debris from the surface of the sofa. To get into the crevices, use the long-narrow attachment. Remove all the cushions and clean it thoroughly. Then, take your bristle brush and rub vigorously to break up the dirt spots and vacuum up the released dirt. Remove the lint and fur if visible with a lint roller. Roll it in a systematic grid throughout the whole sofa to ensure you don’t miss any single hair.

Fix The Saggy Cushions

Replacing a sofa seems expensive, but buying pairs of new cushions can suit your budget. These tiny pillows are the essence of every classy and luxurious sofa. Saggy and flattened cushions can even make a good sofa look- poor and ugly. So, go and buy good patterns to give a new look to your couch. Or unzip your flattened cushions, and take out all the stuffing out. Buy polyester fiberfill and add it with the old filling. Put it back in the cushion case and distribute it evenly. With these easy steps, your entire family can relax on the new fluffy cushions. Just make sure the pillows are not lumpy. 

Replace Your Sofa Legs

Legs are the only visible wooden portion in most of the sofa designs. Changing them can give all new feel to your set of furniture. First, decide whether you want to provide a traditional look to your upholstery or want it to appear modern. Replacement sofa legs are readily available in the furniture stores. Once you arrive on a decision, go and get the old legs replaced. Keep this in mind that whatever you are investing in- is of sound quality, and it won’t get torn out soon. Secondly, if the leg holders are in good condition, painting them with a fresh new wooden shade can also save you from bearing the hefty expenses.

Change The Fabric

Fabric sofas are the most popular choices of every household. Even kids like fabric couch the most. If you take them along in the furniture store, they prefer the snug and softness. The cloth on the sofa gets old and harsh with time. And to give a new life to your couch, fabrics play the most substantial role. If in doubt, pick a fabric with bright color and cover your sofa with it. Nobody, even in your own family, can claim that it is the same old sofa. It really works every time.

Add Tufting

Now, it’s time to say goodbye to the sagginess- time to tuft!. A tufted sofa looks very classy, and it adds character to your house. And the good part is- your old sofa is never too old to be tufted again. Tufting is a process in which you affix buttons to the surface of an upholstered item of furniture to create square- or diamond-shaped bunches in the material. A series of buttons fixed equidistant offset or apart in rows and secured tightly form the shapes in the woodens through the layers of lining, foam, and fabric. Just find out an embroidery thread and bundle it into a button. And add these thread buttons to your furniture. It will not only refresh your sofa look but also alter its saggy condition.

Buy a Slipcover For Your Sofa

All set- time for protecting your new couch. Sometimes, all you need to transform your furniture is adding a slipcover to it. It entirely changes the color and looks of your sofa. So, buy or make it yourself, your choice! Sometimes, ready-made slipcovers don’t fit your couch correctly. To counter this, you can choose your favorite fabric and can make custom slipcovers of accurate size. Be smart; you are not going to do this again and again, so pick a washable and stainless fabric to make the slipcovers.

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