Five Best Christmas Plants for Your Porch

Ho! Ho! The holidays are here, and Ho! Ho! How your porch is not ready yet? The biggest festival of the year is just days ago, and I am pretty sure Jesus is not okay with your shabby porch garden. So, let me ask you, what is the most natural way of decorating your porch for the festival of lights? An air-filled Santa, a lot of lights, seven belle dancers inviting your guests? Plants, the answer we are looking for plants. Yes, fir or abies are beautiful, very traditional, but we are talking about the real deal, decorative plants, that will not need a star at the top. Come read more;

Winter Jasmine

As the name clears it out, winter jasmine is a perfect cold session. These small yellow flowers are very easy to grow and survive the fiercest of the winters as well. Winter Jasmine, or as the scientists call them, Jasminum Nudiflorum, usually blooms in January, but with some extra care and unconditional love, it should be ready by Christmas eve. You can use this plant to decorate the sides of the pavement and when everything is red, seeing something yellow, is a relief, trust me. Also, if it may snow on Christmas, yellow will work with white to put mesmerizing color brightness, not to mention if the snow would not gulp it.


Ah, another colorful flower, pansies are my favorite winter plants slash flowers. The overlapping and heart-shaped petals of this flower are inspiring and joy sprinkling. Often called flowers with faces, pansies are the most Christmas-y flowers ever. What I like the most about this plant/flower is that they are great for both fall and spring. One can use these flowers to embellish their beautiful front windows, or the or put the pots of pansies in a formation best fitted for the festive season. Snowy Christmas is the only thing that can disturb the beauty of these flowers. Otherwise, you are good to go.


For the people whose Christmas is incomplete without the red colored plants, winterberries are the ones to aim for. Widely recognized as the winter plant the winterberries do not demand much from the grower, don’t cover up a lot of space, making them the best fitted for Christmas decorations. A significant plus in the court of these flowers is that they can bear exceptionally low temperatures, so if it snows on your Christmases, let them test your decorations. It adds the most needed holiday color to your garden, and you will not have to worry a lot about any falling leaves and a messy yard, for apparent reasons.


Yes, this is the real name of Christmas rose. Hellebore is by far the most beautiful and the most robust plant on this list. The nickname, ‘Christmas Rose,’ is earned by the hellebore; the flower has the power and audacity to bloom in even the darkest of the months, all year long. This plant and flower has a deep growing root system, which helps it blossom when everything is freezing or dying off frostbite. Planting the flower early winters in colder areas and midwinters in warmer locales is the pro tip for the Christmas rose. Its cream pinkish charm will fill your guests’ and neighbors with joy and love. P.S. Make some room for extra-large gifts from impressed kin and friends.


We were keeping the best plant for the last, and this is it, Cyclamen. These plans can stomach temperature as low as in the 40s. Until your Decembers snow, you can give this open roses a nod. Although technically, they are not roses, Cyclamen gives that look of being one. When they get the right conditions, these astonishing flowers can bloom in a little more than eight weeks. Some tips for the new growers would be;

  • Do not plant it in too much light; it hurts them. 
  • Circumvent warm drafts to protract flowering. 
  • Pull out any deadheads and yellow leaves for better results.
  • Water only on the base of the plant, no need to bathe it. One can set a water saucer so the plant can absorb it for 15-20 minutes. 
  • In all cases, one must not splash water on the leaves. 

Adieu My Good Friend

Gardening in the winter can be a little too much pain in the back, but when it is the Christmas decorations we are talking about, who do not want to labor, right? Plus, during the holidays, breaking the couch, scrolling through social media feed is not healthy for you, physically or mentally. Hence, next time you are going for fir shopping, make sure your porch is looking more beautiful than a decorated x-mas tree. Let’s go natural this holiday season and save electricity by decorating only using flowers.

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