Everything You Need to Learn About Ear Cuff Trends in High-End Jewelry

Having managed to enter the major jewelry trend from a niche trend, Ear Cuffs are guaranteed to steal the show. Ear Cuffs were a part of the normal trend until major celebrities started showing up on the red carpet with ear cuffs embedded in diamonds. A proliferation of ear cuffs has taken the fashion industry by a storm. Interestingly, multiple piercings are a trend that occurred in the late centuries. Both men and women had their ears pierced to the brim. And the good news is, the trend still continues to flourish. 

Both men and women love piercing their ears and above all, they love the idea of ear cuffs adorning their ears. However, ear cuffs can be difficult to decipher. With so many options, its uniqueness, and designs, people tend to ask a lot of questions about this unique style. We hear you, here are some questions, their answers concerning ear cuffs and how they are slowly becoming part of high-end jewelry. 

Is the ear cuff trend new?

When I first started wearing ear cuffs, I was under the impression that this trend is definitely new and one of its kind. However, little did I know that this trend has been a part of the human race since time immemorial. The first ear cuff ever recorded in human history dates back to 2000 BC. It was famously known as Kaffa and was specially designed to accentuate curves on the outside edge of the ear. In fact, in the olden days, people wore kaffa in many dramatic ways. To a normal individual, it seemed like a heavy ornament displacing the structural formation of the ear. 

However, ear cuffs then were an integral part of the culture. Since then ear cuffs have been a major part of human culture and people have worn them for centuries. No wonder, it still continues to gain so much popularity. Interestingly, ear cuffs were dormant for quite some time until the same trend was brought back in the grunge period. Looking at ear cuffs now, it is much easier to say that since then a lot has changed. Many designs have come up and people more than ever love the idea of adorning their ears with ear cuffs. 

Do I need to pierce my ear to wear ear cuffs?

It is not necessary to pierce your ears. There are plenty of ear cuffs with individualistic styles, all thanks to the designers. You can easily hold them against your ear cartilage and work the magic of ear cuffs. Not only this but ear cuffs don’t cause any pain and they are designed to adorn your ears without causing any inconvenience. This means that you have all the style, no pain, and access to high-end ear cuffs studded in gold and diamond. 

Are ear cuffs easy to pair with any outfit?

Yes, you can pair them with any outfit. In fact, you don’t even have to think about the type and kind of dress or formal wear you need to pick. All you need to see is the design and type of ear cuff. For instance, a party dress will go with drop and hoop ear cuffs. A formal wear goes perfectly well with studded ear cuffs and a casual date look with a mix-match of studs and drops. You see there are tons of matching possibilities to decorate your ear with stylish earrings. In my personal opinion, there is no right or wrong. You can play with your own style and wear what you think suits you best. After all, it’s all about embracing your personal style. 

Are high-end ear cuffs trending in 2020?

Trust me they are totally in and looking at some of the red carpet looks, it looks like the trend will spark a frenzy among teens and adults. Look out for jewelry Pittsburgh to find out some exciting designs that suit your style. To name a few Dua Lipa wore De Grisogono ear cuffs in May and the trend is worth looking for. Then there was another exotic ear cuff that made 2019s summer’s high jewelry collections, known as the Nuri from Boucheron Vu du. The ear cuff ‘s colored in parrot hues and perches from the top of the ear to the lobe. 

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