Emotional Support Animal For Anxiety – What Does Science Say?

Anxiety is a common mental health condition affecting millions of people in the United States. There are various ways to fight this condition. Many agree that reading can help manage anxiety symptoms effectively. 

There’s scientific evidence that pet ownership can help in reducing anxiety and promoting wellness. The presence of an emotional support dog makes you feel relaxed and calmed, thus helping you deal with anxiety and depression symptoms. Social anxiety patients can end excessive worrying when going out by accompanying support animals.

So, is there any scientific evidence saying animal-assisted therapy can help you lower anxiety levels? Let’s discuss.

Emotional Support Animal Science-Backed Benefits For Anxiety Sufferers

Emotional support animals are real medications, which provide lots of mental health benefits. For anxiety sufferers, loneliness acts as a major trigger. They experience fear and discomfort and usually spend hours sitting in their home doing nothing. This further increases anxiety levels. On the other hand, pet owners are able to manage their anxiety levels effectively. This is because their pets keep them happy and entertained, thus helping them avoid negative thoughts. 

Increased activity is one of the major benefits of living with an emotional support animal. If you have a dog, you definitely have to go out to exercise them. With this, your activity levels will also increase. And, with regular exercise, you can boost not only physical health but mental health as well. Scientists have found that when you exercise, your body releases endorphins. These are chemicals that interact with the receptors in the brain, thus easing pain and stress. So, endorphins are also known as feel-good chemicals.

Additionally, pets encourage you to get out of your bed and do a variety of activities. Gardening is the best way to pass your free time plus it makes you happy. You can grow a variety of plants at home. Check out the 5 Best Christmas Plants For Your Porch

Moreover, pet therapy can help people promote a healthy heart. According to a study by the American Heart Association, pet ownership can help in boosting your heart health. Some studies show that animals can help lower blood pressure levels and stress.

Additionally, petting an ESA makes you a good listener. They will not ignore or abandon you just because you are an anxiety patient. The federal government has recognized pet therapy as an important part of mental health treatment.

Emotional Support Animal For Sleep

Animal-assisted therapy is effective in boosting sleep. According to a study published in Sleep Review, dogs can help in reducing nightmares. So, pet therapy is effective for patients with anxiety and PTSD. Actually, dogs are trained to wake their owners with sleep problems like nightmares. There’s no medication providing these effects, the report says.

It’s true that when you are well-rested, you will feel like doing daily tasks. You will think strategically and generate new ideas for transforming your messy basement into a good looking space.

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When sleeping with your dog, you will feel relaxed, calmed, and protected. This will help you improve sleep efficiency and get off other sleep-related problems.

Living With Your Emotional Support Animal

According to the Fair Housing Amendment Act, ESA holders can legally live with their animals without paying extra pet deposits. However, only individuals who register their pets as emotional support animals are eligible for these benefits. To get your ESA letter, you need to talk to a therapist.

When living with your emotional support animal, make sure you take good care of your animal. Clean your home regularly to promote the health of your family members including your ESA. However, you can try some DIY ideas to make your home look inviting.

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Additionally, you should train your support animal to behave positively in public. You don’t have any problem living with your ESA if they don’t cause any problem to anyone.

Wrapping it up—animals are packed with special powers to boost mood and ease anxiety. Research says that ESA owners are less stressed and live longer than non-owners. Living with a pet increases your activity levels and boosts sleep, thus encouraging you to do your daily tasks dedicatedly. Some studies say that animal-assisted therapy is effective in lowering blood pressure levels, stress, and releasing happy chemicals, thus improving overall health.

To live with your ESA worry-free in your apartment, apply for your emotional support animal letter.

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