5 Budget-Friendly Tips To Decorate White Walls of Your Room

5 Budget-Friendly Tips To Decorate White Walls of Your Room

Unlike the popular opinion, it is very easy to add character to the white walls. You can do a lot of exciting things to refresh your space. Empty walls are filled with possibilities and some addition to them can amp up the room. Whether you are a book lover or an art collector, there are many wall decor ideas that you can implement to add your personality and taste to the house. If you are planning to convert the white wall of your room into a masterpiece, keep reading.

Add Large-Scale Art

When you have an oversized painting in your room, it will set a tone in the room. Even an abstract piece is enough to add some soul to the room. This eye-catchy composition will give more depth to the room without dominating the narrative of the room. It will pop on the white wall and is a perfect choice for people looking to make their room colorful. Even a black and white abstract will create some sound energy in the room, drawing a graceful line in the place. 

An Accent Wall

Bring a new and fresh look to one of the walls for an accent wall. Add new and modern elements on the wall to decorate them. Use bold color paint and bring a brighter look. You can use wallpapers depending upon the room and the entire aesthetic aspect of your house. Use decorative items and put depth in your room. If you are already ready with an idea, then incorporate it in your room. However, if you do not, then look for options online. Each color theme and style has a different accent on the wall. Remember- what color you choose brings the respective and individual personality in the room. Also, this room represents you- so choose your color palette wisely. 

Bring in Plants

Staying close to nature has become not only a trend but also a great aspect of the house. These green living beings are not restricted to the window sills or gardens, they look beautiful in every corner of the house. They add a sense of freshness and a hint of color to the house. You can choose the plants as per the color palettes of the room and the decorative furniture. If you are entangled in your work, then you must choose a plant that needs the least assistance and management. Moreover, you must handpick the plants based on their height, growth, and color. Place them on every corner to picture a scenic look and feel at home. 

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Hang Mirrors, Plates, Calendars, or a Personalized Map

Mirrors are an element of reflecting light. They are responsible to make the smaller space look bigger. Moreover, they also add a sense of positivity in the room if hung in the right place and angle. The mirrors are of various types. How you want the room to make you feel, choose the kind of mirror- whether you want a big mirror or small salon like mirrors. Or you can add plates, calendars, or a personalized map to bring out the personality of the house. Explore new, creative, and modern ideas to include the best of the room decor. By adding amps, you can make it more personal and add pins to the unique places you have visited or want to visit. 

Add Rugs to Room

Adding your room with all these hard and solid elements, you must include the rugs in the room. It helps in bringing a sense of peace, calm, and comfort in the home. Choose the right size of the rugs as well as the color and design so that it goes along with the colors and styles of the house. Adding rugs to your room will shift the focus from the walls to the floor. Bring warm and cozy vibes in the room with the softest, elegant, and the classy looking rug you can find. If you love to have some homemade items, you can make your own rug. Look for the various DIYs online and design a rug yourself. Personalize it more and add new and appealing elements to your room. 

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